Who is a Brand Manager?

Brand Manager =Movie Director

 A very small corelation exists between these three movies 3 –Idiots, pK, Munnabhai MBBS , Lage Raho Munnabhai MBBS .These are directed by the same director.

A good team, great story giving inspiring messages have taken these movies to a different level both commercially and functionally. But WHY IAM TALKING this?

Movies are the brands with a very short life cycle. These days it has come down to 7 days from 100 days a decade before. 7 days is what drives the success of the movie

AR Rahman music definitely adds value to the song and the movie but will it alone be enough to make a movie super hit? No doubt a good music in isolation will certainly have an impact on the listener. But results will be different when music has a sync with the complete movie.

The director of a movie is the key person in any film. His role is to get the movie going despite all challenges, get different people (actor, actress, writer, musicians ,singers, choreographer etc) on board, go along with the team and build a great movie. Let us  look into the parts:

1. A Director :

The man who directs the film. The Showman!!. For a Layman Director stands for a name appearing at the last during the start of movie and he knows the movie will start from here. He is actually the man behind any movie. A brand Manager is Equivalent to the director of any movie. He can be called a BRAND DIRECTOR. How? Lets move ahead!!

2. Producer:

A person who funds the movie. A producer funding a movie is analogous to the investors/Promoters/Financers of any business. Just remember the budget management and getting a proper allocation of the budget from the management. This is what the responsibility of any brand director is. How much management trust you is reflected in your brand budgets!!.In the film world the producers bet their money on some movie based on which director is directing it.

3. Protagonists /(ACTOR/Actress) :

These are the brands which a director launches in the market. It totally depends on the product quality, product content, company support, existing base of fans( Brand Loyalists) also which defines the movie success. Salman Khan launching a new film is proportional to a successful brand coming up with a line extension. What matters at the end is the overall depth of the content/quality in the product. A known /good director launching a new brand (new actor) has a higher probability of getting success.

4. Movie Story/Communication:

A story is what everyone is interested in watching the movie and discusses about the movie. Some comments we hear normally –“Story line is good but the actor performance was not good in the movie”. This is what is most important work of a brand director-BUILD an effective communication, a clutter breaking story for the brand which is easy to understand and remembered by the target audience.

An effective brand communication needs a perfect match of STORYLINE, COPY, Text, Taglines, Catchy Jingles (Jhinga lala!!!), A campaign (Amazon- Aur dikhao Aur Dikhao!!)

              KITNE AADMI THEE- This is what is still remembered from SHOLAY. Some unique characters like

               SAAMBA, GABBAR are the characters to reckon with to compare with NIKE of Swoosh.

Emotions in the movies connect people more easily and the same is needed for creating a long term association of the brand. The brand who have utilized this emotional connections have certainly built a better bond with its Target consumers. Emotional connect is much needed at the Point of Sales .A point worth notable for the brand directors.

5. Distribution:

This element is very very important in getting success for a movie or for a brand. How many screens the movie is                                       getting release simultaneously is what gives a better edge to the movie. We have heard some big banner movies struggling to get screen space all over India on the launch day and facing a chaos commercially. Similarly, in how many outlets your brand is available/Visible is what increases the probability of higher sales /offtake of your brand.

6. R & D Team:

New Story development, Songs, Dance, Music play a crucial role for any director. These comprises of the research & Development team for him. He gathers a unique mix of these elements and makes a new film. A brand director also needs a new product, an improved product , from his R & D team which plays a very important role in the brand success.

7. Support Team

Making movie is not an easy job, without a support team at every front (Camera, production, editing, Designers, creative director, dancers, helpers, singers, song writers, script writers and many more. Everything moves in a sequence, plan to deliver a 150 minute story for entertainment. Similar support a brand director needs from the distribution team, designing team, creative team, sales team, R & D team, packaging team, purchase team, materials team etc.

8. Promotion:

Remember the Ghazni cutouts at the movie theatres which garbed the importance of ongoing movies at that time in the multiplexes. That created a spark for the movie even before the release. The aggression with which the sales team promotes the product to the target audience (specific to industry) is what builds an aura around the brand and drives its success.

The best combination of a story Line, Actors/Stars, Support team, Promotions, Scale of distribution, Starcast, Performance, Promotion is what decides the success of the film.

Similarly a good product, management support, differentiated promotions , schemes, aggression of sales team , brand availability , support team behind the product is what drives the brand success.


By; Kumud Kandpal





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