VINI Cosmetics -The Positioning Expert

Vini Cosmetics-The masters in Positioning

VINI Cosmetics- The Masters in creating a unique positioning


The makers of Glam up, Fogg, Nufeel, White Tone are the same people who built the brands like  MOOV, KRACK, SET WET, LIVON, RING GUARD, ITCH GUARD.

These brands were created based on identifying unique consumer insight which have not been addressed in the past along with an out-of-the-box thinking, creating new products and categories which never existed before.

For Ex; When market was focusing on complete body pain, MOOV took a niche by focusing only being a back pain specialist. The concept clicked and caught market traction. MOOV did it with finding a unique space in the market and the minds.

That’s the power of Tactful Positioning.

The person behind the screen Mr. Darshan Patel started Vini Cosmetics after Paras Pharma was sold o Reckitt Benckiser.

The same brand building approach and creating unique and differentiated products has allowed VINI cosmetics to compete with the Multinationals like HUL, P& G.

 If everyone else is doing it one way you can find your niche by going exactly in opposite direction –SAM Wilton

When there was no product in the market for cracked heel, Paras in 1993 created a new category and  KRACK was launched . Something NEW….

THE Company was sold but the zeal to create brand sin the market never stops. Vini Cosmetics was launched in 2010 with the brands like 18+, FOGG, Jinjola Talcum Powder.

FOGG:   A new brand was launched in the deodorant category of 1200 crore. Deodrant have continuously  harped on the communication of attraction wherein the females have always being the targets of male fantasies. Fogg striked out differently with “Bina gas wala spray (deodorant without gas)” increasing the number of sprays compared to the competition. One bottle of Deodrant gives almost 800 sprays. That’s reduced cost per spray. A new communication had taken birth .The 2500 crore deodorant market followed a different suit than onwards making Fogg gaining a 15%-17%  market share  even after selling at 15-20% premium to the peers.

In just 3 years of its launch. FOGG shook the iconic Axe brand from its leadership position in 3-4 quarters.

 FOGG claims about 15-17% Market Share in the hyper competitive deodorant category and contributes almost 65-70% turnover of the company

18 + Launched in 2011, the product was positioned as perfumed deodorant . The communication pointed out that while deodorants predominantly contained alcohol, 18+ contains a lot of perfume

Instant Fairness Market:

Party me jaana hai….Khoobsurat dikhna hai..

A sharp communication for GLAM UP. An instant fairness category got some  new brand from VINI Cosmetics.

GLAM UP: Launched in 2013, in the segment of Pond‟s White Beauty BB, Glam up was marketed as an instant glow cream in the BB segment i.e., concealing creams and foundation creams. It is positioned as an instant solution to women who wanted to look good for a special occasion like party, interview etc.

White Tone:

Launched in April 2012, white tone face powder was recommended to be used to get an even and oil-free white tone instantly. The positioning was to provide immediate associated benefit.

Fairness creams promises the change in skin tone over long run so white tone positioned itself for an immediate even tone and oil free look .( some different space)

When it came to powder category with the launch of Delicca face wash, there is a unique communication as the first sulphate free face wash in the country( a newer niche in communication)


JAB Chahre ka fresh look kho jaaye…NUfeel ka 8-10 Spray lagao aur fresh ho jaao

 Nufeel spray is positioned as a Fresh Look expert –A Spray which cleanses, moisturises and refreshes  the skin in a completely new way. Gels well with today’s polluted environment where people definitely need a face freshener with consumer requirement in such a useful market need gap.Its a completely new category in the market .

The promoters of Paras have succeeded once again in creating some rich brands in the hyper competitive categories by resorting to unique positioning

 By; Kumud Kandpal


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  1. Is delicca face wash powder available in Chennai?? It is the best face wash I ever used.. but It is not available nowadays

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