The war of deodrants

Deodrants Market in India

The spray applied while leaving to office, school, party, tuitions, date, meeting sells for approximately 2500 crore in a year with more than 500 brands in India offering a 17-18% Growth. The major brands in the market are FOGG, WILDSTONE,AXE, ENGAGE, LAYER N SHOT,PARK AVENUE. Differentiated brands have been able to win in this market.

The exciting war of deodorants has always been exciting, ever engrossing, monotonous and been very stereotypic in the marketing communication while some deodrants have carved a different space in the consumers mind being created by continuous aggressive promotion and their creative communication.

The Category once saw major 2-3 players. There have been some new entry with brands like FOGG, ENGAGE, WILDSTONE, LAYER N SHOT.

Creative War in the Deodrants Category

Axe has always taken the woman attractive zone which became quite synonymous with the category of deodrants. The communication and positioning space of Chick Magnet got replicated in one or the other way by other brands.

Everyone followed the leader without much differentiation.

Then entered the brand FOGG which talked about the content /Ingredient in the category , its usage and the durability . Attractive Zone took a little back seat for sometime.

800 sprays + NO GAS Concept was selling in the market. More number of sprays per bottle struck the chord with the consumer .Inspite charging 15% premium at the launch Fogg was able to hit  the No. 1 position in the category with close to 18% Market Share.

FOGG changed the category communication, offered consumers a different reason to believe, charged a premium and became the leader in the segment (Toppled Axe from No. 1 position in the segment). Brand crossed 200 crore in no time.

What next? GAS OR NO GAS- NOW Time to hit both the prongs.

That’s what Layer Shot communication highlighting the overall performance to be very important in the category. Launched an entire series of Women and men range garbed with a different packaging in the category. The brand has too created a niche in the market.

WILDSTONE –Known for its strong masculine fragrances , a  brand which is approximately 300 crore has targeted primarily office and company goers backed with the bang of success as its proposition gained approximately > 6 % market share in the highly competitive market. With 9-10 variants and a distribution bandwidth of >2 .5 lac outlets the brand enjoys high awareness and consumer loyalty and is  on growth trajectory .

ENGAGE by ITC broke the clutter by positioning it as a deodorant for couples by focusing on the engagement and playful chemistry between the couples. By Strengthening and leveraging its distribution system, launching 10-14 variants in a year and  backed up with the clutter breaking communication , ITC  Engage has been able to reach to a market share of 6.6%  and grow rapidly in the highly competitive market.

 What’s more Significant/Important in the DEO War?

  1. Category has huge potential where 500 brands are thriving.
  2. Clutter breaking communication and creativity is much needed in the category
  3. Leaders need to innovate.
  4. Brands need to have a differentiated positioning and reason to believe for consumers
  5. Distribution system plays a key role in building the volume
  6. Rural Market is still to be penetrated from current estimate of 10% .
  7. Companies need to innovate on affordable packs. (Might be one week pack) at lower price point.

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