The Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose of Life?

Remember LIFE IS A RACE ……Agar Tez Nahi Bhagoge to Koi Tumhe Kuchal ke  Aage Nikal Jaega..

YES!!Our life is a race.

A race full of competition, a race to survive, race to excel, race to differentiate, race to achieve, race to win. For different people the meaning and the context of the race changes. But the ground remains the same and that is called LIFE.

For some it is a race to earn a daily bread, an aspiration to sleep after a full meal, a dream to send their child to school, a wish to provide 3 times meal to his/her family.

For some it is just a plain vanilla life. Whatever is coming on their way its welcome. No efforts, no willingness. Sometime NO PAIN NO Gain, and sometimes No pain Easy gain.

For others it’s a life to excel, to achieve, to create a mark, to be different, to carve a niche and reach to top.

There is a different side to it, people who believe they know the real purpose of life are called saints. They live an isolated life, harnessing the real energy of nature.

No one is going to take anything from the world. A Billion dollar man and a Zero Dolar man will go the same way from this life. Its just the play which matters. How well you played, that is important!!

Your work is important and the legacy is to be cherished and remembered.

But does anyone know the real purpose of life? What Exactly is the Purpose of Life?

The most important question is-

  1. Do we really need a purpose?
  2. What if we live without a purpose?
  3. What if we achieved our purpose? What will we do next?
  4. What if we do not achieve the purpose?
  5. Are we complicating our life by tying it to a purpose?

So everyone in this world need to have a purpose- an insect living a life must also have a purpose and even a horse. Isn’t it? They too are living beings

There are chances that a bachelor will have a different life purpose and once he is married the purpose might change and after having children the purpose will again change by 360 degree. So is the purpose constant? Is this purpose a PIVOT which has tied up to fulfill some desires and we have started calling it our purpose of life.

Some believe finding god is the purpose of life. For those individual souls who have sought and found God, the search is over. Or gaining Moksha is happiness since his search and the connection is a Joy that connects the soul.


Finding the thing that give you happiness before sleep is the most important thing in life which can be synonymous to finding the purpose of life.

All will accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. Whether this happiness comes from achieving something, helping someone, gaining materialistic success, giving back to society is an individual criteria.

What will be the purpose of life for a doctor, An engineer, A  manager, an astronaut, or the Prime minister of India – Or is it that we have created a designation/job to find a purpose which we are chasing? For a soldier protecting the country in all situations might be the purpose of his life. But is this the real purpose of his life? Do he need to fight a war to prove that he achieved the purpose of his life? What if he never fought a far?

With age comes expectation and with expectations comes desires, with desire comes the pleasure hunt. With this hunt comes hard work and the race of running after success and materialistic desires. With such desires comes disappointment and dissatisfaction. What Next?

Everyone is engaged in an eternal quest for that “something else” which will bring him the unending happiness.

At some point people run behind wealth, fame, power, friends and even after gaining which they again become dissatisfied and need something more.

This need of something more is the cause of increasing dissatisfaction.

Happiness is a delight is all about gaining that invisible inner experience everyone is seeking.

In short we must cultivate something in us which gives us happiness. This search of happiness is what gives more meaning to our life and solves our purpose.

If your questions to your life are answered- you have understood the purpose of life.

If not –Carry on!! Happy Hunting!!

By: Kumud Kandpal


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  1. very well couched….this hunt is never-ending
    In the machinery of life one unit operation of happYness hunt triggers another and eventually we all become rang-manch ki katputliyaan.

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