The Game of Condoms

Game of Condoms

Gone are the days and the time when condoms were promoted as a very important method  to protect the prevailing STDs in India and that’s when the fictitious character Balbir Pasha emerged in the psyche of Indian consumers to increase the perception of risk among migrant workers in metros.

Balbir Pasha ko AIDS hoga kya?’

YAAD AAYA kuch!!!

Approximately 15 years before the campaign was certainly the first of its kind in India. The objective was different, the target audience was different and hence the communication followed accordingly.

When it came to commercial segment- the communication revolved around women , eroticism and sultriness.

Moods was focussing on after effects of sex with the  moods -MY MAN Campaign followed up with communication revolving around associating moods with different unique places of love making and hence clearly indicating the Target audience to think of Moods whenever and wherever they are in mood of lovemaking.

Manforce disrupted the market with the blockbuster entry of the most searched Sunny leone to bring the naughtiness of innocent flavours of ice-creams to the bedroom. You name the flavour and the flavour is present in the category. That’s a very strong entry point differentiation backed up with the strong imagery of Sunny Leone which has not only grown the brand but also grown the consumption in the category. So every new communication revolves around one or the other flavours like Coffee or Jasmine.

Durex has always been super witty and super creative in emoting and directly associating with the word Sex. In the same league to increase their sales and bring uniqueness and innovation to the category Durex launched Ultrathin and the Durex Jeans.

Condom market in India is segmented according to the different consumers needs and preferences in terms of the latex (normal, ulrathin,dotted, super dotted, extra dotted, ribbed, contoured, multitextured), flavours (Butterscotch, Strawberry, Chocolate etc), additives( extra time).

More important are the innovations in the category:

Over the decade , dotted condom market has seen incremental innovations with Contour, ribbed in it, followed by Extra Dots( approximately 1500 dots)

  1. BI Flavoured-Tri Flavoured
  2. 3 in One-Ribber, Dotted, Contour
  3. Extra Time , Long Lasting
  4. Ultra thin, Super Thin
  5. Super Dotted

The Game of condoms is being again disrupted by a new entrant in the game “Playgard” with the entry of Super Dotted Condoms for the first time in India which offers 50% bigger dots. The sultry and stunning Bipasha basu and Karan Singh Grover openly communicating the role of foreplay in the entire TVC with the proposition of bigger dots and taking the battle to an another level.

So is the market again fighting for DOTS?? Or After effects? Or Foreplay??

Many more to come!!! Let us see how much will be the FORCE of Playgard  and how much it SKORES in this match.

Kumud Kandpal

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