The Balance of Nature

Balance of Nature

While we are walking past different shops of a luxury mall, someone in the country  is hoping to get his meal,

While someone is busy scrolling through the pages of a book on poverty in the continent, someone has been denied a meal,

Someone is busy spending 5000 bucks on the Gucci bag at the corner, someone is too busy in wowing a customer at the railway station to board his rickshaw.

Someone at Mumbai is busy boarding the train and someone is worried to get down at the station trying to curse the Indian railway in causing him delayed.

While you are busy at phone sitting in your car talking on the extravaganza done this weekend, your driver is thinking of his child’s future .

This all must be happening in a fraction of seconds.

While someone is busy doing manicure at some luxurious spa, someone is busy repairing the roads of our national highway.

Somewhere  brothers are willing to kill each other due to property division and some soldier brothers are willing to give up their lives for these countrymen.

Someone is cribbing about his work pressure sitting at an ac office while someone is fighting the battle of cancer.

While we are filling our plate at a marriage function leaving no space for even the air to penetrate, someone at the hinterland has just got his meal after 24 hours and many are sleeping without a meal today.

What do you think is happening?

It is all a balancing act that must be happening at the molecular level probably for the entire earth. You can sit and think of various such co-relations happening at any point of time and at any random place causing such co-relations. Somewhere the planner must be upset with the human errors happening for the decades in the planet earth.

The almighty is definitely watching !!!! DO WELL..LIVE WELL..


By : Kumud Kandpal


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