Tanu Weds Manu Returns- A BIG RETURN

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Tanu Weds Manu Returns strikes the chord

Made on a budget of  about 32 Crores, the film  Tanu Weds Manu Returns has grossed about 170 crore worldwide. > 300% Profit.

A Perfect Return on Investment.

The highest grossing Bollywood movie of 2015 in India-This seems enough to say about TWMreturns.

Seems a perfect sequel.

The movie has received fulsome praise from both the critics and the audiences.

An amazing mouth publicity. Facebook was swept by the positive comments, some cult dialogues which became a rage flooded with hashtags. Till now the best movie of the year.

Some trade pundits were of opinion that  the movie before the release garnered too much praise through its trailors which led to its success but if that’s the case  then why RA-ONE Flopped. The movie actually gathered a multiplier effect. The Word of mouth and social media actually amplified the movie current.

Not all sequels take over the previous movie in the manner Tanu weds Manu franchise has taken. At no point audience felt a dis connect between the two parts. It seemed a balance connect to the story where it was left. A story where the happy ending has taken a different route which is normally bound to happen in todays context

This is also an excellent example where the line extension rejuvenated the brand, rebuilt the expectations and has stood firm in delivering a better promise.


The credit goes to the supporting star cast who were much better in their performance. Puppy Singh dialogues and their delivery was super WOW. He gave a feeling synonymous to the protagonist and sometimes even better. His comic timings and the best ally of MANU in continuity with the previous movie gave a strong foundation to the movie.

So now can you imagine the movie without Pappi Singh…That’s how the strong characters are built. An example of consistency and superior performance with the time.

Superb performances of supporting actors cannot be overlooked .They deserve equal validation. From Pappiji to Paayal to Raja Awasthi, the endearing and ever remembering  characters of the film have made the movie  one of the most successful sequels ever.


Whether it was the actor, actress or the supporting star cast the face and the face value in the movie did not change. Not only the main actor and actress everything remained the same. Father, Mother , friends, all were on the screen for the second time creating one of the best and quick recalls while watching the movie. It brought a quick recall, faster mental absorption of the character during the movie.

Did it connect well? Probably Yes!!!

CLOSE TO REALITY: No super exotic locations, no beaches, no idealistic situations, no rain dance (which any couple can dream off) but the actual locations of Kanpur. And Let me tell you, this is how the marriages do happen in reality especially in UP.

Did it related and made a connect to the people. Yes marriages do happen like that. Marriage events do mean a chaos, not always a super luxurious set or in a super sprawling bungalow with complete amenities with people always dancing in the super aligned steps.

Normally the double roles in the Indian cinema seems indigestible but in the movie double role of Kangna seemed so real and justified that not even for a second it gave reflection of the real Kangna Ranaut. The accent, the attitude with which the part was played actually boosted the  overall storyline and had a constructive effect on the audience.

 PERFECT COMIC SEQUENCES : Some super comic scenes made the movie most remembering ever.

This Time Puppy Singh made the movie. His comic timings, acting performance was one of the best.

 Pappi: “hamari bhi shadi karao 34 ke ho gaye hain..hamari bhi zarooratein hai..aise hi to aadmi criminal ban jaata hai”

Tanu Weds Manu return- A big return

WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING : The movie is an excellent example of how word of mouth can do real wonders to the film. It gained lot of praises from the industry as well as the audience who later flooded the Social media with the comments, tweets and excellent stories and pick ups from the movie to get engaged.

 FUNNY ONE LINERS : Anything short and crispy is always Yippie… Liked by many , thses single liners have made the movie a big craze in the social media. The effect  resonated with the audience.

“Kya Sharma ji, hum thode bewafaa kya hue, aap to badchallan hi ho gaye”

Saale original bhi wahin rakhe hain aur duplicate bhi

ab utaro ghodi se, hum ek baar chadhe nahi paaye, ye hai ki utarne ka naam hi nahi le rahe”

NOW YOU GOT IT …..WHY its a Big Hit????



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