The Story of a Medicine


I am a medicine. I have various names like drug, dawa, aushadhi.  I cure the people of their health related problems. I am discovered after a long research of 10-15 years  after several of my friend drug molecules are rejected and I get selected finally to be the master candidate.

Believe me this is even tough than getting entry in  IAS or into IIMs.

I am used in the treatment and prevention of disease, and the promotion of health of the people in this world. That is how I am being looked upon by the people.

It takes some brilliant minds to discover me for improving and maintaining the health of the people of this world. And it does take billions of dollars spend to discover me.

I not only improve the health of people but also create wealth. This health benefit is linked commercially thereby creating multiple job opportunities across the globe. I make an industry worth 1000 Billion dollar.

No one likes to consume me. I am a forced consumption thing in everyone’s life. I am being remembered whenever there is a problem and I take a great pride in being their best friend when they need me. When People are happy, no one remembers me. I am not in their happy discussion.

I work hard. Humans have a lot of goals but I have only one goal- To treat people and cure them of their illness. I have to reach their blood, get absorbed in their circulation system and provide the necessary relief. I suffer various barriers in my absorption and I take this pain to reach to the blood of human being –a journey which I have to undertake to provide the necessary relief to the people.

I am also being blamed for not providing efficacious results but I react according to the body weight, age, dose schedule and my reaction also depends on the food, other drug, timing of consumption etc.

I feel cheated when people do not adhere the dosage schedule and skip me during some days of the treatment. Eventually these people blame me for not providing the relief.

I am always not safe. I cause various side effects but you tell me who doesn’t cause side effects when it is in excess.

Hippocrates also said -Everything in excess is opposed to nature.

I live for a short period. In this short period I want to work completely. I do not like when Iam lying down in shops, godowns and get expired at various shops.

I pass through different  emotions throughout my life cycle. I am being loved sometimes, I am also being hated .I stand the emotions of happiness, side effects, death. I am also being misused. But I always stand firm. I am just a medicine and Not GOD.

I am commercially being labelled under various brand names by different people. I am available in various brand names –sometimes more than 500 names.

Sometimes the people who know me also prescribe me without knowing.

I am not always needed  but still I am being recommended and prescribed for some selfish reasons.

I am also being mishandled. Sometime I need low temperature but I am being kept in high temperature > 25 degrees Celsius. How will I remain efficacious ? Temperature does effect me and my performance.

I am very happy when I am being manufactured in the most ideal conditions and I have to undergo through various stringent quality parameters but it doesn’t happen everywhere. Somewhere just to reduce the losses, I am being thrown in the market. Worse is the case when I am being manufactured in least quality parameters.

I feel pain when I am overcharged by various pharma companies just to improve the profit.

I feel hurt when I do not fit in the budget of poor people of this world leading to the death of people just because I am not available to them when they need me.

I cry when people who have no knowledge about me handles me roughly many times during my entire life cycle.

I again feel hurt when doctors are being bribed by various pharmaceutical companies to prescribe me ultimately leading to price increase in the market. Even sometimes I am being overprescribed.

I will be very happy when:

  1. I will be accessible to every poor person in this earth
  2. I will be prescribed under the best marketing code of ethics by the doctors
  3. I will not be over prescribed
  4. When my daily regimen will be adhered properly and I will be consumed in a timely manner by the end consumers



By :Kumud Kandpal




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