Our Soldiers-OUR Superheroes

A soldier

“If death strikes before I prove My blood, I swear I will Kill Death” –Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey Gorkha Rifles”

“The Enemy are 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last round”-Major Somnath Sharma

Didn’t you feel goosebumps. How good you feel standing to National Anthem before watching a movie especially when you are in Maharashtra ?  Even a 70 year old Indian doesn’t miss to stand while the Anthem plays in the PVR.

I recently called up one of my friend who is currently serving in Indian army.

There is a long story how he joined forces, but that is how destiny connect the dots. Everyone seems perfect for one job which he completes perfectly over a period of time. Looking back everything seems connected as if it was meant for you.

Conversation started with general hello and taking care of each other.

I asked what are you doing ? ( Not so formal though). Iam having tea brother .What are you doing?

He: Just getting ready for the duty in villages to see if everything is alright ..might catch hold of some terrotists  if news is right..our daily reconaisance so that you all can have a great cup of tea everytime…

I was silent for 30 seconds..I didn’t even sip the remaining cup of tea….left the cup of tea as it is.
A man, who keeps night – long vigils on the borders even in the face of great and grave dangers, stands bravely against the attacks had questioned me silently!!

The most disciplined lot of our nation had shaken my conscience in 5 seconds. I was numb, speechless (couldn’t even pretended of network problem)

Then to normalise the conversation we started chatting about our old days for next 2 minute and things started settling down in my tumultuous mind.
Emotions were out bursting from the core…imagination flew by of what these soldiers are doing for us. What is more important is ..they care for us…they get a salary, get some extra facilities, considered a royal life too (commissioned) too…and why not?

They deserve it, they deserve the royal treatment after spending 3 years in an area where there is no bed to sleep, spend 3 years in ice where normal person can’t even stand for 30 seconds.

The security and the stability of the nation depends on the force.

Why not they should get some extra facilities: He live miles away from his family, he is ready to  gets into jaws of the death while defending the country, does most heroic acts in times of emergencies( remember 26/11, uttarakhand calamity, Chennai Floods)

What is even more important is their commitment for the nation duty..
They are busy in fulfilling obligation to defend the peace and security of our country against any enemy. When we were busy in celebrating new year, they were guarding the most notorious borders of our country.

They accept the strict and hard laws of military life, weapons , environment conditions, and work to excel

We grouse on the job which we do..We feel it becomes monotonous so we switch the job or the company ..get job rotation..some travel ,some extra perks, some on site benefits, some leisure trips. But what about a soldier?

Imagine a soldier guarding the borders continuously for 3 years….

The same gun..the same on duty timing, the same work. Same timing for morning PT.. Same boots..Same weight of guns , same work drill, same dress..same border..same enemy. Isn’t it? Every job seems monotonous!!!!
The death of these soldiers are the biggest loss of the nation.. We just lost 6 soldiers in Pathankot attack leaving behind their family whose loss can’t be repaired at any cost.

The question is:

Are they not doing enough for our country? But are we doing enough for them?

Is our country doing enough for their families?

Is government doing enough for these war widows?

I am sure everyone will forget their contribution unless facebook will be flooded with a new attack. Have we become insensitive?

Time to think:

  1. What am I doing for the nation except sharing the pics on facebook of dying soldiers or changing the profile pic?
  2. What are we doing to help guard the country from the enemies? Is this not our duty as well? But we seem busy in fighting petty issues.
  3. What am I contributing for the health of this nation?

So I don’t complain now. I love my job…. The words still echo in mind and will echo forever with every cup of tea I drink.

Let’s Salute the ones who died, Let’s honor the fallen heroes..Let’s give a bow to those who give their lives so we don’t have to sacrifice on the things we love

By : Kumud Kandpal






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