Selfie Generation-What we are losing?

Selfie Generation

Selfie Generation

Selfie generation  is a new big term which is gaining its importance minutes by minutes…. hour by hour..and day by day.
We can’t even imagine how many selfies are getting  shot in a day in our country. Millions are shared each and every day across all the major social media platforms . 33% of the images shared are selfies. However, going forward I have no intention to present the statistics.

Probably more than what we can even imagine. Clicking selfie is not about taking pictures of our own.Its about the time people are spending on the cell phones.

Its about :

  • The time the people  detach themselves from the real world.
  • The time they take a short nap to refresh themselves..the time they want to socialize..
  • The time the generation is busy in gathering the moments of truth for them..
  • The time when they are at flamboyancy..
  • The time which they seem to enjoy superficially..
  • The time the generation shows off the money side they belong too….

This generation has less time to think but more time for a selfie.

Such is the craze that even Bollywood songs are getting written  on the same trend for  the same selfie generation.

Today’s generation is more involved in cell phone than they talk to their family or closed ones  A symbol of hyper-connectivity, bigger friend circle, a larger social clout..a strong network of the popularity,the brand image you are generating in the social media world.But what is this leading to:

A society with less of thinking capacity: will we loose the people or the students who take out one pen or pencil and take their mind out somewhere in the papers.

Einstein truly remarked: “I fear the day when technology will surpass the human interaction”.this day has truly come.

Less time offline ,more time online: the generation  has less time for their closed ones but always the time to post something online.Is this creating a huge content repository.

Losing precious time: We organize a get together of friends after 2 years and lose 50% time in checking our updates on mobile while losing the precious time for which the gathering was organised.
The generation is in constant search of the things which are not in the hand while losing out the things which are at arm’s length.

We wake up with mobiles in hand, checking the updates on facebook, whats app and twitter, touch the phone once again while leaving out, the moment we get time we get hooked to the cell phone once again, reach office and  have a look a the phone. Probably the irresistible urge to check the phones never stops in a day.The people driving the cars thanks the long signals where they get enough time to check their updates and reply on whats app.

Every second people crave for their mobile to check..there is an never ending penchant to see the mobile screen ..and if something pops up meanwhile the engagement with the online world further goes up. Slowly it detaches the emotional ability of people to handle the real life situation.

You  might have seen, observed or must have faced these kind of  situation:
A group of 5 people sitting together in a gathering ..4 people glued  to their mobile  screen, In airport 70% people are hooked to any form of gadgets while speaking reading or chatting.

In offices if the mobiles will be taken in closed loops before entering offices.I doubt whether people will be able to work !!

Productivity will fall by 60%  day because mind will be constantly thinking about the mobile which is lying somewhere else. The craze  to see something which has not yet come is increasing.That’s the aspiration companies have built in.

Where is the ME TIME. Where is the real world? Where is the time to think and pen down. Where are those team building games of children? Where is the time which used to be spent in playing games ?

Are we losing something or pouncing to gain something which has no meaning?

No doubt the mobile have made our lives much easier,much faster,much simpler, but at what intangible social cost?

We ( Slefie Generation) Must Think!!!!

By: Kumud Kandpal

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  1. a days people like to chat or talk to whom they can not see than they can talk in person, can pass warm gestures. Being in contact and being glued to, are very different things.

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