Pulse Candy -The Pulsar of Confectionary

Pulse Candy


Before reading this, if you have not popped Pulse Candy, do POP it once. 

A candy whose medium sweetness of raw mango gets broken slowly to Kala Namak (centre filled) and finally giving an Amchur taste) gives you a sensational feeling in the mouth and gives you a feeling to feel crazy about.

Pulse Candy, a raw mango-flavoured candy with a tangy inside has taken the confectionary segment by storm. The supply is low and demand is very high.

Our Childhood memories are full of candies like  MANGOBITE, PAN PASAND, POPPINS, SWAD, ALPENLIBE, MELODY, MAHA LACTO. Today’s big craze is PULSE.

What PULSAR Did to Automobile industry (Two wheeler segment), Pulse is doing to Confectionary segment (Hard Boiled candy).

PULSE is the brand which excited not only me but also many marketers.

Pulse candy is a real frenzy in the segment.

So what? What is so WoW for a MARKETER:

  1. A product with zero Marketing budget clocked 100 crore sales in just 8 months. ( 50 crore in 6 months) ( WoW !!!)
  2. Word of MOUTH Marketing has build the brand( REALLY THAT BIG!!)

Who said for making a brand you need high A& P, you need to advertise, change the perception of the people.

Every shop ( PANWALA, KIRANA, CHEMISTS, TAPRI) is stocking PULSE. An average Panwala purchasing power of a day might be 500 but with the entry of PULSE, he is willing to spend 1000 rupees to stock the brand in his 30 sq feet shop. Some retailers are stocking the brand as if the bran dis going to extinguish from the market.

  1. Distribution Strength: A product build on sheer distribution strength. (4P’s).Wide distribution of DS group was enough to distribute and spread the word from the point of sale. What is surprising is that the other less popular brand of DS group started piggybacking on Pulse in the retail segment riding on the huge demand of the PULSE.

What is so special in PULSE Candy ?

  1. The product at 1 Rupee was selling at 50% premium ( 1 rupee candy selling at 1.50/ piece. Ever Heard of????
  2. Consumers are buying the whole container as they are finding the product. (100-200 pieces at once)
  3. Consumers are searching for the product selling at 1 Rupee from shop to shop as if it is a doctor prescribed medicine.
  4. THE FLAVOUR IS SENSATIONAL / Special Taste delivery system:

The product is beautifully conceptualised with different tastes in the mouth

It is Like a SPECIAL TASTE DELIVERY SYSTEM . A category which represents FUN is actually providing the fun to the consumers

MASS APPEAL: The product appeals to all the Target audience.be it KIDS, Ladies, girls. Elderly. Everyone relishes the taste of the product.

  1. A perfect R & D product:

Pulse was conceptualized in 2013 and the product team dedicated almost two years on it before it’s launch which happened 6 months earlier.

Kaccha aam  is  preferred and eaten across all ages in our country. Also the Kaccha Aam is mixed with salt and spices which provides a synergistic effect and adds to the taste of the product .So a  mixture of salt and spices created the brand PULSE.


The brand is enjoying the immense support and demand from consumers. Copycats are many in the market but none beating the taste of the brand. A live case in example( brand building on WoM ) opens many mind to think of many avenues lying unexplored in the field of business.


A different product, a different marketing is what has shaken the pulse of confectionary segment.






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