Pregnancy -A matter of Parenthood

Pregakem-A Pregnancy detection Kit

Maa Banne Ka ehsaas hota hai kuch khaas……., Kuch Khaas..

Kyun Baap Banne ka ehsas nhi hota hai kya kuch khaas

This was the response of one of the girls named Preeti in a small dipstick while asking some qualitative questions in relation to the pregnancy detection kit category.

I asked why do you say so, she replied with a question-Will you not be elated once your wife is detected pregnant. How would you react? What would be your first reaction?

Pregnancy and Parenthood

Pregnancy can still seem like it is all about the mom, but it is so important for dads to be part of the experience. It has become a matter for both and just not limited to mothers.

Of course, the physical aspects of pregnancy are experienced only by the mom, but there is the more emotional preparation that happens during pregnancy which is important for a father to be part of.

The terminology is getting changed from expecting mothers to expectant Father.

We can relate the word “ KYUN, TU BAAP KAB BANANE WAALA HAI??”

I noticed following changes once I was detected pregnant, in fact, I observed behavioural changes in my husband after I became pregnant :

  • His tone became soft and caring
  • Care moments in a day started increasing
  • He started rising early usually 1 hr earlier to normal days
  • He started sleeping only after I used to sleep
  • Noticing my belly quite a few times in a day
  • Providing things to me on my hand which otherwise was never a gesture
  • The number of calls in a day increased to ask about my well being
  • Noticing my movements while walking
  • Driving slow and extremely slow at speed breaker
  • Giving tea and coffee to me whenever I asked for
  • Started putting keen interest in my medical check-ups
  • My and my baby’s nutrition was completely taken care of by him
  • He started reading more on pregnancy and birth
  • Started preparing a list of baby names
  • Became much tolerant in tolerating my morning sickness mood swings, anxiety and cravings.
  • Keeping mine and his phone away at nights from the bed

She continued saying that how should I forget these small sacrifices and concerns of my husband.

Time is changing and so are husband.

Preeti was confirmed of her pregnancy after she was found positive by Pregakem – A pregnancy detection kit. She also found the much-needed details from Pregakem website. She was still nervous and called their toll free number 18001031414 and got it confirmed. Further, she met her doctor to get her final confirmation that she was pregnant. Her husband was completely with her in the entire process. He further affirmed that it was their mutual decision to plan pregnancy and hence it’s the responsibility of both of them towards taking care of their pregnancy (not her pregnancy). I was glad to hear the word “WE” during her entire conversation. Although it is the woman who carries the child within her for nine months, the father’s role is no less important than a mother

She also stated that parent is a bigger title than any of the single designation (mother or father). We are parents and it is all about parenthood.

A lesson learnt so far!!!












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