OTC Market in India- Latest Brands

New Introductions in OTC market in India

The OTC market in India has seen dramatic changes in the last 1-2 years driven by the external and internal factors- external being the consumer looking forward for more innovative products and Govt of India continuously forcing companies to put a cap on the increasing prices and internal being the management firm believe in the OTC space and eyeing an opprtunity to build mega brands in the space available.


A spa for eye is what is needed when you spend more than 10 hours a day on your mobile and desktop screen  Constant exposure to computers, tablets, mobile or TV Screens and Excessive exposure to air – conditioned environment , dry, dusty & windy climate is what is driving this booming ophthalmological category in our country where selfie is a big craze and megapixels have become a fashion amongst the generation. What is needed is INSTANT REFRESHMENT for our beloved Eyes. and yes here is a product for you!!Your eyes are already starined while reading this too!!!

ENO Lemon Cool: What will the category leader do when it holds more than 90% Market share . It needs to innovate than think much of the competition . Thats what ENO has done with the launch of lemon cool flavour ( Lemon lavour which is amongst its top selling) . Looks Menthol will do some new wonders….Lets wait. Flavour is…… what is growing the category.

Gasofast Jeera Flavour: When it comes to relief from aciditty our mothers still recommend and ask us consume jeera with little lukemarm water to help expel the excessive gas fomration in the stomach. Gasofast has taken this insight ahead with natural jeera flavour , priced premium at 10 rupee for 5 gm , hitting competition against their artifical flavour and definitely making an impact. What could be seen is teh category getting premium toards higher price point. ENO…Are you moving to 8???? Definitely Falvour is driving this antacid category.

Vwash Plus: When a brand is responsible for cretaing the category in a bigger way , it needs to create trials and allow consumers to join the category and grow the consumer base. This is what Vwash Plus is asking the consumers -an urge to join the category with its smaller pack of 20 ml at 45 INR. Next Iam sure is the sachet form to make it more affordable and penetrate deep into the rural markets. Let us recall CHIC shampoo.

PetSafa: Pet Safa to har rog dafa- Raju srivastava loudly talking in the TVC , depcits what our forefathers had always said that good health starts from our digestive system. A market whose Top of mind is takn by Kayan Churan is being challenged by Pet safa with differentiation in packaging ( an attractive one -eye catching yellow color ) followed by difference in dosage form from powder to granules. Hitting on Kayan churna, whose inredient senna is habit forming is what is gettng reflected across the communication of Pet Safa ( Not habit forming- Iski aadat bhi nahi lagti)

Next Iam sure is the entry of Isabgol into this category directly communicating the benefits to the consumers.

Pregakem-Pregnancy detection Kit: Preganews is what comes to mind when anyone thinks of this category. A quick pregnancy detection kit market is getting traction with the entry of Pregakem into the mainstream direct to consumer space. With Ritesh and Genelia comunicating the importance of parenthood in the category, the brand Pregakem is expected to make a mark in a small but fast growing category.

Scalp Plus: When it comes to the dandruff problem Indian consumers believ that dandruff is washable and hence shampoo positioned for dandruff is a major market( brands like H&S). While dandruff can be washed away with a wash , what actually is required is a treatment for such fungal infection. Scalp plus with Zinc pyrtithinone and Ketoconazole is actively promoting the 5 expert benefits of the brand to the consumer. The brand has seen 2 changes- Rx to Otc followed with the change in packaging and that is what is needed to grow the brand . Next what?? Scalp Plus Sachet at 5 INR ??


Lets wait and watch with some more brands in the next write up!!!


Kumud Kandpal

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  1. Very nice and useful too. Consumer Healthcare Products are really penetrating deep and companies are concentrating on this segment very seriously.

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