100 days of Non Honking- My longest Meditation

No Honking

If you are to be fined for honking, you would think twice before blowing a horn.


I practiced 100 days of no Honking!!!!! UNBELIVABLE in INDIA

Yes 100 days of Non –Honking!!! It is unbelievable for me too…

Especially when you are in the capital of India where you have approx. 75 lakh vehicles registered and around 1400 new vehicles adding every day. We Indians are great in addition( population too) but very lethargic and conscious in substracting

I did not do it intentionally neither I pledged. It was just a coincidence that my honk button was not working and I was so lazy to correct it. The end result = You can’t honk.

I was so lazy that I did not rectified the horn of my two wheeler. One month passed, I did not honk. Then I realized let’s not honk for another 1 month. Finally I crossed 100 days without even thinking of honking. This was the biggest meditation I had ever done barring some enunciation of OM at home or at the temples. The feeling of completing 100 days (NON-HONKING) was a feeling of completing marathon with being the last but with a pride sense of participation. I thought to make it a point to at least share the experience.

Such is the image of our country, that the country clippings shown in movies are incomplete without the background honks.

  • 90% of the time people  honk it unnecessary:
  • The tendency to honk increase rapidly as the signal count drops>>>. As red light approaches to ZERO,  people can’t hold on even for 2-3 seconds. They want to take off as soon as it drops zero and even before.
  • 50% of the time people cross the signal before even the green light props with severe honks.
  • If one person starts honking, all follow: There seems an incessant volley of honks from the front to the last car.
  • People think if they honk, the other side has to listen . Honking continuously will pave their way easy and save their time.
  • On an average a person will honk  50 times in a journey of 1 hour  in daily)
  • Pedestrian aside the road will also not move unless you honk. I think this is why everyone honks quite often.
  • A bigger truck uses bigger horn to shove away the cars. Cars honk quite often to keep a two wheeler aside. Biker would not like cycle to come in way, so he /she has to honk.

Then who listens to Pedestrians. NO ONE!!! And neither they listen to anyone. They prefer to be honked rather than holding on to their lane. A common man befitting reply on such occasion :

                          Are you blind?? YOU can’t see I am walking here!!!  WHY you did not give a horn!!!

On the contrary in some countries, if anyone honks, that is considered to be an insult for drivers!!

                              Lets have a look at some assumptions and statistics  with respect to New Delhi 

Average number of honks generated in city in a day

  1. Total number of vehicles registered in Delhi  as per 2013 = 74 lakh
  2. Average commutation time of a person  to and fro in a day= 2 hour
  3. Average no of times a person normally honk =20 ( minimum)-1 honk every 5 minutes
  4. If 50 lakh ply on the road for 2 hour daily( to and fro), the total number of honks generated in the city= 10 crore
  5. On an average we generate 300 crore honks in a month( minimum)


THE Question is DID I MAKE A DIFFERENCE by not Honking???

                                                                   ABSOULUTLY NOTHING!!!   Instead

  1. I wasted at least 10-15  minutes of total journey because I had to slow down quite often  using brakes more often than using horn.
  2. I had to  manoeuver my two wheeler quite a time through the crowded areas. If you do not honk, even a pedestrian also will not
  3. I had to listen to verbal comments of the people who otherwise do not budge without honking.
  4. I had to be more vigilant while driving. I became more alert. 


I feel the honking should be fined. Am irresistible urge to honk can increase the government coffers by crores in some days ( including the coffers of some traffic people).

Let’s at least make a small difference by practicing no honking… 

Let’s celebrate 21 days of non honking at our personal level.Let’s contribute to a small change

 By Kumud Kandpal.


3 Comments on 100 days of Non Honking- My longest Meditation

  1. Dear Kumud Kandpal,

    I appreciate your view and also agree, that if one had to pay penalty for excessive honking, would one honk as much??
    we at Yhonk have a solution to this, would like to connect with you, regards to this menace.
    yhonk is awaiting grant of patent in India & have filled for the same at WIPO, this gives us the right to patent the same in 153 countries.
    Yhonk is a system that can CONTROL honking on roads.
    looking forward to hear from you.
    Satyen Engineer (info@yhonk.com)

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