6 reasons why I liked Yangon, Myanmar

Reasons to visit Myanmar


This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about”- Rudyard Kipling

 A country which has seen a million tourists in 2012 (up by 67% compared to 2011) is now open for new opportunities and new challenges for its  people. Closed for a long time , Myanmar now has presence of big companies like Samsung, Coca Cola .Not only this Myanmar Tourism is  expecting  about 3 million tourists  by the end of the year 2014

6 reasons why I liked  Myanmar are :

1. Politeness of the people: Due to Buddhism culture in Myanmar , it is obvious that the people  always are concerned with moral manners like politeness and gentleness in speech. Once asked about something, they don’t mind leaning their own body in respect.Not only the country is having unique destination filled with spirituality of Buddhism beliefs and values but also has some of the most friendliest people in this world.You will get welcomed with pleasing smiles and a  kindness that truly comes from the heart.

2. Safe and secure: I was able to travel across the city without any fear. Be it 9 pm or 11 pm you can move in any part of the city freely especially Yangon. No one is interested in bothering you. At any time, people won’t mind clicking pictures with you .

3. No passport required to move in city: Unlike other countries where you need to carry the passport along with you wherever you go, I didn’t find such necessity. I was told to keep the passport in the room only.

You may need the passport once you go for an adventure trip/excursion to be on a safer side.

4. Aspiration of people: If you visit and electronics store /cell phone outlet, it will be thronged with the complete family to see the different products of Samsung. Not only this, there eyes were full of aspiration to get hold of such foreign products which otherwise was in the hands of only a few before the country opened up. People wants to get hold of new i-phones or latest Samsung phones. I just remembered the the slogan of Reliance – KAR LO DUNIYA MUTTHI ME. The latest malls like Junction square in the capital city of Myanmar sees a crowd of aspirational people who wants to get hold of International brands like GAP, L’Oreal, Maybelline, UCB, I Phone. Probablay it is the India of the early nineties.

5. Religious: The religious views and practices of the country can be guessed from the huge numbers of golden pagodas across the country which is why it is called LAND OF PAGODAS. Pagodas are tiered structures for Buddhist religious importance and are one of the  unique landmarks of Myanmar like SHWEDAGON PAGODA,  which position the country in a different way. One will find such beautiful manifestation of devotion demonstrated by Myanmar Buddhists to Buddhism. Glittering gold or snow-white coat is a symbol of Buddhist religious beliefs.

6. Land of Gems: Just want to call it the land of Ruby or jades, Myanmar will be at the top of your mind. This is not just merely a title, the Jades and Ruby are one of the finest in the world. So if you want to gift a RUBY, do gift a Burmese Ruby. One of the famous market for Gems is  BOJO Market  in Yangon

 It is not the country which impacts, but it is the incredible people of the country  who matters and build an everlasting impact about any country

By Kumud Kandpal


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