More we are connected ….The Less we are connected

 More we are connected ….The Less we are connected

 Someone said “Today we are not using technology, we are living it”.It is rightly said in today’s context

I was raised in a different environment much different from the world of  technology and convenience. We played games like POSAM PAA BHAI POSAM PAA, AKKAD BAKKAD the games which today’s generation will never associate with. We used to play bets in school on cards unlike the high end video games .We were much connected not by technology but interactions. After the school hours and tuitions class we friends were least connected unless next day but bond was much stronger. It need not required any whats app interaction over the night.

Technology impacted us much after 2004 when Infosys was the only company I knew in IT sector. 10-12 years of continuous experience is  enough to foresee the future.

Technology has made our lives much easier, much better , much connected but have made us least connected by heart.

Just imagine what would have been the life of people who were not driven by technology.

I sometimes wonder what the generation must be doing once they are free from their work. Probably they were busy interacting each other (neighbours, relatives) during the weekends. The bonds between neighbours must have been very strong at that time compared to today where neighbours celebrate the events on facebook and convey their  sweet birthday wishes  in the comment section.

It is difficult to manage the awesome power that is embedded in today’s technology.  Gaming system, tablets, smart phones are everywhere from our homes and desktops to our pockets and purses.  Technology offers fun, interesting and educational alternatives.  It is convenient and quickly turned to for entertainment or to keep the kids quiet on long road trips.

IS WORLD today driven by a 5.5 inch screen?

The best things in the world are enjoyed outside , that is why travel is the best experience.

Probably going forward in next 5 years- Antakshari will be obsolete during picnic or during the bus shouts in a journey, making fun of nick names will be redundant. But that is how we have grown up. The discussion trajectory will be towards which game you played last night and what is your score in X or Y game.

These days schools are using the Internet to communicate about assignments as well as directing students to use it to support learning as literature searches are now performed electronically. Tomorrow kids might even forget to use pens, they might not even know that their seniors used to have handwriting competition. Typing speed was a different subject altogether which now is no more needed.

Are we enjoying the game in a stadium or busy in clicking the pictures and uploading ?

Making Gujiya in Holi with family, preparing for our cracker arsenal list before months during Diwali , watching a movie on Doordarhshan or Sony might, waiting for the Sunday to watch Donald Duck or Chandrakanta might  have become a memory but that is the thing that we must be proud of. Had it been only video games or YouTube we would still be wondering what moments we missed.


Our parents had different concerns when we grew but todays when the  device is in the child’s hands, it presents todays parents with unprecedented challenges and concerns.

Is technology causing social Isolation?

  • We are connected more or better connected?
  • We are so connected or connected so?
  • We are driving technology or driven by technology ?
  • We are heartly connected or connected hardly?

Some questions to ponder!!!


By; Kumud Kandpal




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  1. Very nice article on very serious concern.
    With technology on 5.5 inches device, kids are provided with never ending information that their brains are not designed to handle. Ultimately suicidal cases are popping out now a days unlike older times…connecting with God finally.

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