Why Modi Swachh Bharat Abhiyan must work?

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-Clean India Campaign 2014


Are you born after 80’s?? Have you ever heard of the cleanliness drive in your lifetime ??. I am sure many of us might not even have heard of such a nationwide campaign except in our schools or sometimes colleges and that too prior to any important functions (Chief guest visit or Independence day celebration)

 Post that What????

 Situation comes back to square one. Same scenario of the litters all around and the story continues.

What we need to learn from Japan and Singapore?


Learning from Japan:

Japanese people have always been known for patriotism and since childhood we have heard a lot of stories about them unless recently I saw Japanese people cleaning their section of stadium after every match of football world cup. They truly won the hearts of million of people (me included). What left me intrigued was not their cleaning but the basics which have been ingrained into their mind. This is not one day habit but this is their practice which Japanese children are doing since childhood. The children in Japan has to clean their toilets earmarking the importance of cleanliness starts from the schools.(which today can be dangerous in India following  legal cases against any school which will even try to do that).

Does it need a change of mindset ?? Can Indian take something from this attitude of the Japanese.

Kendriya Vidyalaya’s  have a subject of SUPW in schools which keeps students engaged in various activities (one of which is cleaning the school environment) .This involves learning along with fun. Being a KVIan I can now understand the importance of such a subject in school which at that time was just a fun activity for me.

 Lessons to learn from Singapore:

Beneath Singapore development lies a  concept of public health based on cleanliness strategy.

This reduced the overall healthcare expenditure from 4.5% of GDP in 1965 to 3% of GDP in next 30 years.

It was an effort to move to prevention of disease rather than the cure of disease. Singaporeans cleaned their rivers which prevented the spread of disease and save million of dollars. Street cleaning drive-By imposing fine on people who litters was an important step in the mechanism.

What  Mr.MODI wants from his Clean India Campaign 2014??

Mr. Modi wants the schools to get the cleanliness message to their children at an early stage –a message which can change the country’s overall situation-A country which everyone would like to visualize now-A clean India. Will it not work?? If Japan can do it, why not us?

Cleanliness drive in government offices: The first impression a government office gives is a untidy place to work for. For the people who are working in the government, the first step under the Swach Bharat Abhiyan is to clean the working place and the change the working habits. With Mr. Modi in the centre, started the practice of destroying the old files which are of no use (reducing the overall trash lying in the government offices). Subconsciously, the idea will pervade in the government officials, and I think it will serve the overall purpose of the whole campaign. It will have a reciprocating effect in their families. Things will certainly change. Just one day a week, a practice of 1 hour will change the scenario in the offices. Why can’t it change the attitude from the top of the family ? Why can’t it  percolate down to their family members.

Importance to the people involved in Cleaning- I call them Cleaning officers: People involved in cleaning always have felt neglected in our country. Swach Bharat Abhiyan have given them importance in understanding the importance of them in the country. PM taking a broom in the hand is a strong message to the community and to the countrymen that he is not going to tolerate any negligence in the system. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan  will definitely lead to :

1. Enhanced dignity in their  work profile

2. Their conviction in cleaning

3.  Increasing the social importance.

My suggestion is to give them a profile of CLEANING OFFICERS .

Change is following: Recently  I ordered one tea at a roadside tea stall. The moment I started sipping the tea, I was instructed by the owner to throw the cup in the assigned place . Suddenly I was taken aback but I was very happy to see the change . He said “ Modi jee will not come here to clean. It is my duty to do it at my level. I was assured that why Modi Swach Bharat campaign will not work. Even if a common tea vendor convince 50 people in a day to properly dispose off the cups, he is doing a great service to nation. The effect will reciprocate and will grow exponentially.

Mr. Modi!!! Well started .The message has gone in.

 Be the change to see the change !!!!

By: Kumud Kandpal







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