Marketing Communication Campaigns Based On Cultural Insights

Marketing Campaigns on Cultural Insights

Research is considered pivotal in any marketing campaigns towards  brand building. The objective of market research is to understand the consumer behavior, attitude, usage criteria and selectively understand such traits and build upon the consumer insights for the brand building. Marketers always try to understand what is important for consumers, what can change their thinking and what influences what consumers do. In this race it becomes important to pick up such insights into devising creative campaigns for the brand. Culture, society is a background, a context on which consumers understand, think, and accordingly take their decisions. Marketers have always tried to build upon country specific cultural insights and create advantages and build successful marketing strategies

Lets look at some of the creative marketing communication which have been beautifully built  on some cultural insights 



Insight: People in India believes that the road safety depends on placing lemons and chilies in their car.

7 chilies and lemons are normally hung outside the car and trucks in India believing that it brings luck during travel to avoid any mishappening  during travel.

Ceat picked up this consumer sentiments during the travel  from the Indian market and build their creative communication  upon this insights. They had their ad campaign aired on Televisions  which talks of safety and better grip during travel to burst the myth of using chilies and lemons during travel and trust the quality tyres.

CEAT TyresCeat used brand ambassador Irfan Khan to communicate the CEAT promise of a better grip and control during travel .



Just remember your childhood and recollect how you used to eat chocolate biscuit. Take the middle portion and lick it first and then the remaining portion. It is normally followed by dipping biscuits in tea/milk. Middle portion in the chocolate biscuit used to be the best part of your snack time.

Oreo has beautifully built upon this habit of children and successfully carried forward this habitual tradition of “Twist, Lick and Dunk” forward in all its communication through all media channels. Oreo is using this as an emotional thread to associate during the occasion of family bonding with the product usage.Oreo Campaign



INSIGHT: Some people do not like to drink the water which is jhootha(tasted by others).

Bisleri communicated this insights to urge consumers to have a different bottle for each user  with their pay off “Kiss to drink”. This also is an indication towards bringing forth a communication of  non-contaminated water.Bisleri

 The objective of the campaign was to increase the penetration and the usage of  water.

RAM RAM SATYA HAI Campaign for Non Smoking

In India ‘ Raam Naam Satya Hai ' is chanted when a dead body is carried to the funeral pyre. Cigarette purchase point for tobacco and cigarette are normally small shops at every nook and corner(Pan wallahs).  The moment of truth for the campaign was brought at the point of action with a singing new lighters placed at every shop which chanted the song once a smoker lights  it up. It brought a surprise and an awkwardness to the person infusing a fear of life’s end point truth at the smoking.

Creative Campaigns


 Its very important to generate such small ideas and innovative creative campaigns based on consumer sentiments, traditional ideologies and disrupt the marketing campaign building. Some campaigns may not bring a deep connect with the consumers while some brands may grow rapidly on such campaigns  depending on how closely the brand essence connects to the consumers sentiments.

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