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India's Daughter

INDIA’S DAUGHTER- A documentary  on INDIAN Mindset

The government of India decided to ban the documentary by a British filmmaker on the horrific rape & murder of “Nirbhaya“,

The question is “Why”?

The documentary may or may not sully the brand image of India but the decision to ban the documentary has definitely sullied our image many notches down. Is there anything in the documentary that underlines our brand image in India & abroad? The answer is chilling “yes” but banning it has only helped the documentary get the publicity worth millions of rupees for “FREE”, We must thank the Government of India( GOI) for actually banning it as it has helped video go “Viral”, The mindset of the rapist or the defense lawyer Mr. Sharma or Mr. Singh is nothing new, we all know the mindset of most Indian men towards girls or women. If the defence lawyers and the rapists were seated next to each other in plain clothes, you would not be able to differentiate between both lawyers and the rapist by hearing their conversations about girls/women in general.


Many would not have cared to watch the documentary as each had followed the case very closely, there is nothing new that the documentary “India’s daughter” talks about, In fact there are far more gruesome details that each newspaper carried for months together which went missing in the documentary, I believe that the documentary gives a little extra time to the rapist who just seems to enjoy the time given to him, there is no remorse on his face, he keeps blabbering alongside the absurd comments of both defense lawyers.


It would be better of GOI to actually address the mindset rather than ban a nicely shot documentary. I believe the documentary is neutral towards both the victim & the rapists. It doesn’t glorify anyone, it’s just shows you a mirror! In fact its quite toned down in its approach than what the hapless girl had to actually go through during that fateful night.

Why GOI does not act fiercely on  missing women, pre-birth sex selection, female feticide, gender discrimination at all levels, acid attacks, dowry deaths, mental and physical torture that every women goes through every day?


We need to attack the mindset than turn the mirror on the other side as it won’t help anyone, least the girls or women! The educated lot gets the female fetuses aborted, the poor lot gets it aborted across cities and towns in India, GOI has hardly done anything to curb this menace, Is banning a documentary shall help sort these issues?

We should change the campaign “Clean India” to “Clean your heart” campaign which seems to fit perfectly at the moment. The video has gone viral and has landed in millions of smartphone across the world which has stirred our collective consciousness all over again, which may not have happened had the documentary been allowed to be telecasted, Thanks to GOI for banning the documentary as that helped it spread it like a wildfire with each talking about the patriarchal attitude towards women.

Each of us needs to look within and ensure that we are not only respectful towards women but must stop the “crime” of any sort being committed towards them, We owe it to the millions of girls that were aborted, killed, enslaved, sold, raped & molested if we were to save & give India it’s rightful place in the world.

The brand India can’t reclaim its lost glory by subjecting the 50% population to a second grade treatment!

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