Facebook or Fakebook??

Facebook or Fakebook

NOTE: There is no intention of hurting anyone’s personal views and opinion related to facebook. 

Do you remember when you last called one of your friend who had a recent birthday ?? Even congratulating on your friend recent engagement/marriage. OHHH. You did it on facebook or Whats App? Thats perfectly OK.

Why someone post their best moments in facebook (parties, hanging around with best buddies, eating in the best eatery, checking in into a 5 star hotel, international visit).Does life always remain the same for the people. Why not  post the other moments of life which actually are 100% contrary –the sad moments . ( because no one likes to show the  worst part of their life and that’s 100% acceptable too). Why to show the  best part of the life and hiding away the face which lies beneath.


Why not a failure moment. I failed in this….Lets see how many people actually give you a call back…One moment of truth is better than thousand fake moments.

 What about Interactions and engagement??Virtual Interaction is going up but real interaction is going down!!!!!!

The objective of facebook to be a personal newspaper  of everyone is becoming successful.



Facebook Log in

Logging into your facebook account means you are ready to peep in the lives of your friend( which you assume is going to be better than you!!) The grass on other side always looks green. It’s a door to other’s life but with a digital username and password. But are you ready to help one of your friend in his time of need/urgency. Isn’t that matters at the end. Looking from other side is easy but getting into the mess is difficult.


One always secure his position before life takes its stroll .That’s what you check in all the posts, guest, comments, likes once you log in before moving  to know the happening in other’s life and start engaging. Isn’t it analogous to chit chat of different aunties in neighbour post all their diurnal activities  in home and or during their kitty parties. They just gather to  secure themselves and discuss what’s happening in other’s life and to take a dive into activities, gossips, guests, information, social status etc. The  trend seems the same in facebook. The outburst-anger, happiness, pride, jealousy all pervades at the same time in our mind.The fakeness gets reflected in both the world-be it real ) neighbour/society ) or virtual( facebook).No one is actually interested in other’s life except getting only the updates.


Intention is same whether its facebook or a chit chat in the neighbour. 

Are we faking??


 3. LIKES ON FACEBOOK            Facebook Likes

When did you liked something  on facebook which you actually mean.If you always do that. A thumps up for you.

Often one get to a like just because his friend has  asked him /her to like a product/page. We can’t say NO..Lets like it. What’s wrong in it??

People often say yes to something which they actually doesn’t mean. So what it also happens in both the world.Just to avoid discordance and move on with the herd you succumb to something which you actually don’t mean. Just see how many pages on facebook you have liked.

Why not this a faking….



Facebook profile picture

 Why you always put the best of the pic on facebook   profile. Does it reflect our behaviour to deceive –showing  always the look pic which doesn’t always resemble the “YOU”.So what ??

 Do actror/ actresses  look the same always ?? But they show us their best form in the big screen. There is nothing wrong in it..Everyone wants to get praised and being recognised.

But can we post our  worst look ( the original one ) as our profile pic.Why don’t we facebook our problems??

Lets not get too serious on this. Lets practice originality.

Facebook or fakebook
Facebook surely helps us spy on people.


Kumud Kandpal










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