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Emotional Branding-Examples

Emotional Branding

How is one connected to their parents, friends, siblings and closed one. It’s the emotional bond between the two people that keeps the relation long lasting and gives the endurance to survive the adversity. Exactly what is needed in brand building. That’s where brands are keeping the emotions on the forefront to get connected to the target audience in this hypercompetitive market place, with a term called Emotional Branding.

Advertising campaigns have seen a plethora of emotions being captured in their 30-60 seconds edit occasionally. Brands have tried to build in the realm of emotions woven around in the form of emotional beads in their message delivery. Recently there has been a shift in the story telling duration of some of the brand stories, all thanks to evolving digital media. Brand have a flexibility to emote out the creative story in a non time bound manner as emotions are timeless, there is no need to restrict them in the time frames.

Connecting Emotions to Brands:

These emotions have continuously been used as a strategic initiative by creating a positive attitude, positive vibe, motivator for the brand. These beautifully conceptualized creative touch the people profoundly at the level of the senses and emotions which have the capacity to erect a bridge of emotions between the consumer and the brand which is necessary for building a long term relationship and developing brand equity.

Some Emotional Brand Commercials 

1.      Fortune Oil- Ghar Ka Khaana:

The storyline  revolves around the love of a grandmother who finally succeds in feeding her bedridden grandson home-cooked dal. The story develops a high recall value for brand .The ad reiterates that content is what creates, develops , and adds conversation, strikes the chord with the brands and a creative communication  can sometimes go beyond  30-60 seconds.


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

2.      Google reunion: The story showed how two friends (from India and Pakistan) are brought together again by their grandchildren using google searches. A perfect synchronization of product benefits supported emotionally with the storyline. Already been viewed by more than 15 million people , the brand google is completely a part of  the entire story.


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

 3. Lifebuoy -Help a Child reach 5:  Every year, 2 million children fail to reach their fifth birthday because of diseases like diarhoea and pneumonia. A  simple act of hand washing could help erase this tragedy. This is the cause Lifebuoy  is championing for..Its about spreading the importance of good hand washing habits around the world.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF7oU_YSbBQEmotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

 4. Jad Se Judein – Loreal Paris India– Who does not want to go back to childhood moments,  the place/people/ memoirs from where they learnt, shared emotions of  golden period of their life . That’s what the campaign is all about ‘Stay rooted”-Jad se judein.


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

 5. Thai Life Insurance: A life insurance company spreading a message of finding true happiness through compassion, kindness by showing simple act of offering help to needy ones (devoid of the species). The world definitely will change and I believe many would have realized the importance of these valuable traits in our lives. ( 5 million viewers atleast)


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

 6. Titan commercial- The Joy of gifting: For a teacher, students are his/her  best asset. What else could be the best farewell gift by receiving  a wonderful gift  from the loving students on the last working day. Digging into the joy of gifting Titan strikes a perfect connect of the  brand with the occasion.


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

 7.  Naik Foundation: “Share care and joy”-3 terms which doesn’t need any age to practice, doesn’t need any face to proud upon, but solely needs a heart to endow upon.  The feelings are inherent and it has been depicted clearly in the story where a boy helps a tea selling women by sharing help from his earned money which otherwise he could have utilized in buying things of interest. The story touches the core values of group, a registered Charitable which work in enabling, empowering and educating communities, working  in the areas of nutrition, skill development and community support.


Emotional Branding-Connecting brands to people

Emotional branding will always remain a powerful brand management tool to create a  powerful, deep, long lasting enduring affective bonds between consumers and brands through emotional stories.

By Kumud Kandpal







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