How advertising impacts Consumers

How Advertising affects consumers

Effect of Advertising on Consumers

We are living in a world of advertising.  From getting up in the morning , travelling in metros, local trains, cars, bus, moving up in the lifts in the business centers, reading newspaper, listening radio during the travel time, watching TV at home and of course in the internet( a fad word for marketers) , going out in weekend  in the mall, even during the cinema , everywhere we are surrounded with brands who are trying to sell us clothes, shoes, cars, or beer, toothpastes, You turn on the television, and smiling faces out there always try to sell us soup, toothpaste, candy etc.

Despite how much you think you ignore them, and how little you may believe they affect you, but in reality they do find a place in your mind. We want to believe we’re in complete control of our choices but actually we are not.

Emotional response can have a profound effect on how we think and the choices we make.

1. Advertising creates good feeling:

The most powerful effect of advertising is just to create a good feeling about a product by surrounding it with other things that you like.

Suppose you ae in a hypermarket and about to buy a shampoo

Brand A: You have seen the advertisement of the brand many times. Brand recall is very high.

Brand B : It’s a new brand, you have never seen advertisements in TV, Magazine or  newspaper.  The Sales girl tells you 5 benefits of this brand over the already existing shampoos in the market. Price is less.

Which Shampoo will you buy??

Logic says you can try Brand B but buying brand A is one of the option which just makes  you feel good about .That is the power of advertising( you recollect all the positive memory /visual depictions around the brand advertisement which has made you feel good and confident about the brand)

Advertisers have been given the opportunity to pass the information to us about what feels good. That information ultimately affects the way we make choices, whether we know it or not.

  •  How about buying a car whose advertising you never saw ??
  • Why don’t you buy HMT watches (highly recommended by father).Why do you crave for Rolex/ Hublot . Its a good feeling to own something which others (friends, relatives, neighbours) know.

 2.     Advertising creates emotional appeal-Emotional Branding

Some advertisements creates an emotional response around their brands (emotional branding ). Anything which touches you emotionally will always be in your long term memory. You definitely will recall the “google reunion” advertsement. Emotional advertisement adds tremendous lasting power to any brand and instills powerful sentimental feelings towards the product.

Emotional appeal makes consumers interested in the product, breaks from the clutter of the forced advertising , hits subconsciously, touches heart and enters mind. It can reinforce the consumers purchase decision, increasing loyalty and preference towards the brand

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3.     Advertisements creates an Ideal Self/Build perception

 Consumers   try to augment,  hide, change, or alter some aspect of who they are. It is an undeniable truth that a consumers feelings about themselves will shape what they buy.

  • Will you jump from a helicopter just because you have sipped mountain DEW?
  • Just because you apply a particular deodorant , women will never flock around you?
  • Your skin will not be so fair after using a cream-It will never change the color!!
  • How about getting a promotion just because you are wearing a particular brand shirt?
  • How about buying a Rolex / Hublot and owning a Mercedes Benz

Having a fair skin is an ideal self /Owning a Harley davidson  will be an ideal self for a biker, annual vacation in an exotic location will be an ideal self for a family .


Effects of advertising on consumers

Everyone wants to live a life which seems more idealistic like a life of success, grandeur, admiration and social recognition. Whichever brands have tried to portray these virtues in their creative campaigns have utilized the never ending penchant for living an ideal self life.

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