Four Growing Doctor Networking Platforms of India

Doctor Networking platforms in India

“A single fax machine is useless, but the value of every fax machine increases with the total number of fax machines in the network”

That’s what Metcalfe’s law suggests, greater number of users on the network, greater the use of the network.

Using this law companies like Facebook, Youtube & Google have flourished. In fact internet has been the fastest growing network when compared to a radio, television or similar.

Metcalfe’s law is even more reflected with the fact that amount of time Facebook took to reach 1 million users, CandyCrush took less than half of that time.

Same is there for Healthcare also, for obvious reasons, Doctors are Human in every which way. But their needs are different and market needs to come up with different ways to resolve that.

Doctors these days share their practice data, cases etc on FB groups, Whatsapp groups, but that’s too volatile. HIPPA compliance is questionable there, the outlook is not professional, data loss is significant and above all data archival is not easy, resulting in the very important ‘search’ aspect of the data being lost.

That’s from content point of view. When we look at Metcalfe, the more important aspect of networking and importance of the network is lost as entire HCP universe will never be able to come in one FB group or one watsapp group. That’s where relevance of Sermo or Doximity in US pops in.

Indian healthcare space is now fast catching up to the idea of networking among doctors. That’s how we have seen rise of dedicated networking space for doctors. Here are the 4 of them:

1.  CUROFY – App only platform


Doctor's networking platform in India


Claiming themselves to be doximity of India, with 3000 registered doctors, Curofy is fastest growing platform in India

Interesting thing with Curofy is their background check. I happened to have a word with their founder, Mudit Vijayvergiya, and he says they have 3 round of check for any user coming on board to ensure they have genuine doctors on board. I think this gives a very robust system and does ensure its only doctors on the platform. (High integrity)

2. – Possibly largest platform


Doctor's networking platform in India

With 75000+ registered users this claims to be largest platform in India. That’s a big number. With 4000+ cases discussed and 70+ specialty on board they are definitely far ahead in the game. User authenticity and relevant case highlights is what they should definitely focus on.

Phanish Chandra, founder and MD, is now looking to expand the services to online webinar as well. He says that while pharma companies can reach few hundred doctors, docplexus can ensure reach of few thousands.

3. PlexusMD



A for doctors. A much required one in this space. Doctors usually find it difficult to find relevant job postings and thus the problem plexus MD is here to solve. With Focus on both Professionals and organizations this platforms provides wide range of possibilities. Partnered with Narayan Health, Columbia Asia and many more, they have 250+ job posting on their portal.

Userbase is more than 2500 with 60-70 new doctors coming in everyday.

4. Dailyrounds


 With a $500,000 investment from Kae Capital this website is on a roll. Website already has 190+ clinical cases with presence in 4 countries and in 78+ medical school, as per their website. Tieups with AIIMS, Delhi; Duke NUS gives them a serious leverage over competition.

BY: RINKESH SHAH  ( Digital Marketing@GSK)




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