Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing-Part 1

digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Digital/Online Marketing is the buzz word in today’s highly competitive marketing environment. It doesn’t take long to build a brand /business in today’s hyper-connected digitally active ecosystem. Just remember how KOLAVERI –D , Gangnam song  becoming  a craze. A million thanks to the digitally active breed grazing on the internet(including me!!).

 “The digital revolution has not just arrived, it has well and truly settled in. Traditional communications channels have mutated, fragmented and diversified to create a spectrum of media experiences that give consumers unparalleled options and freedom of choice”- Cate Connolly

The debate will always persists as to whether digital marketing is better or traditional marketing or whether one is overpowering and surpassing the other form of marketing. It will be interesting to understand some differences between these two forms of marketing

Differences between digital and  traditional marketing

Particulars Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
1 Definition Traditional marketing includes all the advertising methods that we normally experience such as print ads in magazines or newspapers, posters, radio, television commercials, brochures and billboards. Digital Marketing includes websites, social networks, banner ads, Google ads, Search results, or YouTube videos, etc…
2 Communication & Engagement One sided .Information is thrown to consumers hoping that they will  take action(purchase etc) Two way communication. Both consumers and customers speak and listen to each other. It’s always about engagement ,interaction and continuous feedback from  the target audience
  Example: Listen to a radio/ Watching a TV commercial/ reading a print advertisement is always one sided. It’s like throwing information to people and hoping that they will take action. Reading a web page/ Facebook page gives you freedom to express your views about the brand, service and provide reviews, complaints etc. It’s a dual sided communication. One can encourage their  prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about products and services, rate them, buy them and provide feedback .
3 Brand exposure to audience Exposure time for a brand is generally less Time of contact is considerably higher in video when watched in online video
   Example: Mostly 30 seconds/ 60 seconds in TV.  With press the brand exposure time is little higher(on an average-5-7 minutes) The contact is much higher on various platforms. Consumers  spend more time on brand websites
4. Advertising cost Cost of advertising in Traditional Media is too high. Not every advertisers with a small budget can afford the brand visibility in the traditional space Advertising cost is not too high.Even a start up can think to  spend on advertising
   Example: A 30 seconds spot in a prime time can cost from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 Launching a product and services using a website is far much cheaper than using TV, Press as a medium for your brand. Plus once you have optimised the key word search content in your website,you can  see a long-term return on the investment and it will be a negligible cost to maintain your ranking.
5. Media buying and scheduling Done for a long period and buying mostly happens in advance(In most of cases 3-5 months in advance) It is spontaneous .
   Example: A 30 seconds prime time spots are normally booked in 3-6 months advance depending upon the availability of the particular spot. One can start a campaign through adwords  at any point of time. There is no inventory led buying that happens except in some cases(ex: Facebook (Branding at logging out page) which normally holds a waiting time.

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By; Kumud Kandpal

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