Condoms Market in India

Condom market in India

Condom Market  in India

For a category which at present is the most important need in a country where the population has crossed 125 crores, a penetration of 5% still presents a mind-boggling opportunity to the marketers across India.

A market of approximately 800 crores is being dominated by  Manforce with a 32% share, followed by Moods at 12%, Skore at 10%, Kamasutra at 8%, Kohinoor at 7-8% and Durex at around 2-3%. Apart from this a lot of regional brands in different parts of country forms the major chunk of the pie.

Condom Market Snapshots:

  • Chemists play a major role in dispensing the condoms because only 30-40% people ask for the brand. It is the generic category word that is being asked while purchasing thereby providing liberty to the chemists.
  • Purchase decisions are taken in fractions of seconds. The consumers don’t spend much time in the interaction and probing and wants to get the transactions done as fast as possible while making a purchase at the counter.
  • So the retailer gets more power and liberty in interfering in the purchase decisions as consumers also don’t want to interact further.
  • This has led to proliferation of many regional brands which offers higher margins to the chemists
  • Retailers no more hide the condoms on their shelf but prominently display the category in their outlet.
  • Trade distribution is a key to success, so any brand keeping the trade happy and with consumer awareness will definitely make a mark. One reason why Skore became strong in 3-4 years is the understanding of the trade and the distribution.

Growth Drivers of Category:

  • Sex is no more limited to a particular age group and has come down to below 18. With increasing media exposure for things around sex, the consumption is also driven by the same age group.
  • Flavours: You name the flavour and the flavour is present in the category. That’s how Manforce differentiated itself backed up with the strong imagery of Sunny Leone which has not only grown the brand but also had driven the consumption in the category.
  • Promotion campaigns by different brands like SKORE, DUREX have always created an excitement around the category. The continuous message that the category is not only restricted to prevention of STDs but is also meant for pleasure and enjoyment.
  • Sales through modern trade outlets and through online sales are further driving the offtake in the category giving consumers more time during the transactions. Time is to watch when it becomes one of the major items while continuing grocery purchase.

The Positioning of players in the category:

Where the brand imagery of Manforce is sensuousness of the women( visualised by Sunny Leone), Skore is somewhat younger and appeals to the TG with its bold, refreshing and stylish look and talks to today’s youth in a quirky way.

While Kamasutra is all about love making and has a distinct space in the dotted space, Kohinoor has positioned itself as a condom brand for married couple. The brand Durex is much more premium and has distinctively placed itself to SEC A, A+ with its premium pricing and brand imagery.

Innovations in the category:

There have been various innovations ranging from packaging to promotion that the category has seen. Example:

  1. M-Store by Skore for online buying
  2. SKORE Condom book to hide condoms
  3. Skore-Water resistant pouches for disposing of used condoms
  4. Skore app for availaibilty tracking
  5. Kamasutra wallet pack
  6. Kamasutra honeymoon pack
  7. Skynn premium pack for skin like feeling
  8. Love pack by durex

The latest one is Durex Jeans-A sachet form of packaging which fits well even in pockets of body-hugging denims priced at 25 for a pair of condoms.

Concerns for the category?

  1. Why there is no brand other than which has crossed more than 100 Crore?
  2. Why there is a huge gap in the first and second market player?
  3. Is it that the scalability to a certain extent is easy and the second growth phase is difficult?
  4. Will the chemist dominance in the category continue or will the modern trade and online sales as a component bring in some symmetry in the overall category purchase?
  5. Why the majority of the purchase is being done by male only?




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  1. Great insights on condom industry. I am wondering how many condoms would be consumed in 2017?
    What was the worlds consumption of condoms in 2107?
    Do you have any information on this?


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