BJP Election Expenses – Media Modi-fied

BJP Media Expenses in Election 2014

Not only there was a wave of Modi in general elections 2014,there was also a  modified media wave in entire election 2014 .Cause and effect relationship of this wave and the election spend  will remain debatable ever.

Media expenses for Election 2014

Total Planned expense= 5000 crore ( $ 1 bn) which is almost 16 % of the total size of advertising market in India

What may work?

  • Strategy of carpet bombing
  • Blocking out the space in major media vehicles for competition
  • Top of mind recall for Modi
  • Continued promotion and investment

What may not work:

  • Too much media hype leaving doubts amongst the intellectuals
  • Media spend may create a negative image of the brand
  • Over advertising- sometimes creates doubts on the product credibility and trustworthiness

Some unique ideas/efforts :

  • Hologram rallies-Breaking the clutter and offering a unique way of communication
  • Modi tea stalls
  • BJP Stamped Roti’s in various restaurants during the last phase of election
  • Proper media space utilization across various media
  • Continued rallies of the prime-ministerial candidate

Media Channels used by  BJP in Elections 2014

BJP has used all the media available for the promotion like:

OOH  promotion :

  • Booking 15,000 hoardings across India for up to three months.
  • Unit cost = 2-3 lakh/hoarding / month  in cheaper locations to as much as Rs. 20 lakh per hoarding per month in Mumbai’s Nariman Point. Total Expendisture =  2,500 crore( Half a billion Dollar).

Print Promotion:

  • Schedule = 40 days
  • Buying the  most prominent ad slots across 50 top national and regional  newspapers
  • Press release= 4-5 ads everyday during the entire campaign period
  • Budget = 500 crore+ 150 magazine Ads budget

TV Promotion

  • Budget= 800- 1000 crore
  • TV: Spots bought = Approx 2,000 spots a day across Hindi, English and regional news, general entertainment and sports channels. We can imagine how many times we saw AB KI MAAR MODI SARKAR in a day. Normally a frequency of 3-5 can sensitize the target audience, with such frequency we felt over sensitized
  • Average cost/slot= Rs  80,000 per 30 seconds.

Digital and Radio budget =   35 crore.

There are  various rallies being conducted by BJP like Hunkaar rally, Sankhnaad rally whose account and expenses are out of the purview of this discussion.

BJP has spent 4 times compared to congress. Even if the BJP wins the election it will be difficult to interpret that the advertising had a great impact on the mind of people. Captivating slogans and the Admans  behind the creative cascade have been a talk of the country, but what will make an impact is dependent on various factors apart from just the advertising budget. Is it the advertising that will make impact or the  people sentiments and willingness to bring a change ?? Whomsoever is the driving lever for the BJP, it will definitely be a new hope for the country. Some marks definitely will go to the campaigns been delivered on the right time with the bang of the right creatives

By Kumud Kandpal

10 Comments on BJP Election Expenses – Media Modi-fied

  1. Now with BJP win in the elections,all expenses are justified.Be it a black money or white money, no one will question it.

  2. Nice research . i would insist you to kindly concentrate your vision towards building your brand more inclined towards achieving the business goals, rather than being just NGO

  3. This is really great piece of data, but I am not sure how/why to trust. I don’t see any sources listed behind these numbers, can you plz also cite where are these numbers coming from? That will certainly make your numbers more trust worthy and authentic. Thanks!

  4. With that amount we could have created employment opportunities for lakhs of people and in some constructive we r fighting with the poverty.this is just a shame.

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