About DFM


When mind is a wanderer, it has thousand eyes…..

When mind is in peace, it is one of the best friends…..

When mind is at pace, it kicks you up for something rejuvenating…

When mind thinks it gives some piece of writing , some piece of writing which can be valuable and put forward for information, discussion and evaluation.

Direct From Mind is a small initiative coming directly from mind ….

DFM is ¬†about discussing ideas, put some points , welcoming suggestions, thinking again and moving forth……

DFM is about a wish, a purpose, an interest , a try and mostly all about speaking the mind !!!


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  1. Sir…. Which is good for a b pharma qualified…. MBA in hospital and health management
    Or MBA in pharma
    Coz…m not interested in marketing . (due to Target)
    Sir One more question… Which field having more job stability and growth

    • Dear Meher,

      Both the specializations are good for pharma graduates.It depends on your interest. MBA in Pharma is more inclined towards Sales and Marketing which is not the case with Hospital MBA. Depending on your interest Hospital MBA seems better option for you.

      Best Wishes,
      Kumud Kandpal

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