AAP-ATL Vs BTL or Rise of Internet Marketing

The thunderstorm entry of AAP in the Indian politics history is something which has become the talk of the country. In short, it’s a  challenge by a new brand to already established brand in the market place

Also one of the porters forces has  caused the upside down in the  market  dynamics

What exactly defines the success of the newly formed party under the wings of Arvind Kejriwal. The party captured the market share never seen before in the three decades of Indian Politics , Was it the need based marketing !!  An opportunistic  launch or a well promoted brand.

When we look at need based theory, the rise of the brand seems appropriate to the need existing in the market which the AAP has tried to capitalize on. The gap emerged and  AAP has filled the gap with its differentiated approach.

Mobilization of youths on the nationwide persistent problems and towards the  lackadaisical approach of political parties was seen as a major determinant of the party success. In addition  The massive door-to-door campaign appeared to have swayed the people.

When we look at the promotional advent in politics the election campaign saw a clear demarcation between the activities classified under ATL /BTL and Internet marketing. The whole campaign saw the impact and the importance of digital marketing towards the brand promotion. The marketers have realized the importance of the internet and the way it makes impact in creating brand awareness on a mass scale and building brand advocates   across the globe

All the parties were quite active on TV , press and outdoor hoardings. AAP challenged already with the low funds, made use of digital campaigns , human banners in some places in delhi replacing the hoardings and at the same time avoiding the cost and catching the attention by the unique ways

Conventionally for a brand the budget seems tilted towards TV and Press with a little 10-15% being kept for digital. AAP however reversed the entire equation   with major spend on Digital and the door to door campaigning. One of the brand engaging activity noticeable in the entire process was   the CAP being worn by the AAP supporters which   was a part of overall brand identity . People wearing the caps and holding banners and jhadus were  seen across the city.

Since the party was not having the budget to have  ATL activities , it went ahead with a serious of BTL activity and made use of Internet power effectively to an extent where the market leader was dethroned(Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit, who lost to Arvind Kejriwal for 25,864 votes, and BJP)

Some of the BTL activities successfully implemented by the party are :


AAP launched a volunteer-based movement that it hopes will build visibility for the party. Around 500 to 1,000 volunteers were  placed in each ward to campaign for the party.

AAP launched a programme called the ‘AAP Buzz Campaign’ which flooded  the streets of Delhi with supporters wearing the party’s caps. Supporters campaigned  in groups of two to four at 47 locations.

CONFERENCES/SEMINARS:  AAP made it to a point to timely participate in the colleges and organizing the conferences to positively channelize the youth energy in all the colleges who later  became a major force in their newly formed army and expanded the party base .The message was clear “ A Transparent government”

VISITING ALL THE ASSEMBLY /ORGANISING JANSABHAS: Wherein the party leaders and members massively visited all the assembly , heard their problems,talking to the common people not just before the election but continuously during the gestation period thereby creating an awareness and relating the need of their political symbol in the city and the country. This was an activity for engaging the voters to be the stakeholders for the party


Distributing publicity material outside 60 plus screens showing the movie Satyagraha was  among the many non- conventional modes of campaigning which the party adopted.The problem was clear in the movie and the team outside was ready with the solution for the problem creating a faster association.

Some digital Campaigns:


Some notable difference:

The umbrella brand(AAP and Brand Symbol)  was promoted during all all the activities rather than individual candidates . The approach was obvious since candidates were new faces and promoting the umbrella brand will definitely lead to overall conversions

For instance, a volunteer cannot campaign for or with a candidate. He will only publicize the party and its symbol

Global Brand advocates: The campaign saw  an emerging trend from supporters across the globe through different medias


The use of robo calling to reach out to  voters has been highly successful. Wherein the voters got elated when they heard Arvind Kejriwal calling them directly (recorded) promising better governance which the prevailing parties could not deliever


Call Delhi’ Campaign where the  people were urged to call to peoples of delhi to promote the party and convey what AAP stands for the common people –

Slogan connected with the people

1 Call –  1 Minute – 1 Vote for a Better Nation. Aao kuch baat karein,  Delhi Call karein.

By: Kumud Kandpal

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