ELECTION 2014 and Brand Marketing Campaigns


1.25 billion population , 29 states, 814 million voters , 543 seats,  930,000 polling stations , 10 million security personnel –these numbers clearly indicates the Indian election as world’s biggest democratic exercise.

World’s biggest democratic exercise for electing country’s  most respected representation  is yet to declare the results.We are just 11 days before the  much awaited result for at least  1.25 billion population of the country.

The most awaited, highly charged & pompous atmosphere created by general election of 2014 has also invited many brand to relate and take away the charged atmosphere with some creatively created  brand communications. The advantage of such association is to selectively penetrate the excitement , anxiety, interest of  a common man and subtly sync with the audience emotions and psyche. Its about using the political momentum in favor of your brand.

One P (Product) of marketing is directly getting connected to the C (Cause) of society .What else can be the best way to get your brand  value and proposition across the target audience.

The  brands have always tried to relate with the common situation around our daily life and subtly conveying the most important brand proposition.  Why brands should not capitalize the already existing noise and get their message across the Target audience. Various brands have used ELECTION BANDWAGON TO convey their Brand messaging.Some of them are:

Brands Using Political promotional theme in Election 2014

1.       FEVICOL

Campaign: Fevicol Crazy Chairs

Talks about election politics and philosophy of the ‘kursi’

ELECTION 2014 and Brand Marketing Campaigns





During election campaigns the common buzz word is WHO WILL BE OUR NEXT CM or PM. It’s always a race of chair. With three main contenders in 2014(Congress, BJP & AAP)  the carpenter talks about  different shaped chairs -a lotus shaped one, an adjustable chair shaped like a hand  and  the hotchpotch seat that’s the result of different sizes and shapes of kursis  glued together.

Irrespective of the party who wins , the chair always needs a strong  bond to be firm

Brand proposition :  Strong bonding

The proposition of strong bond building is conveyed in a humorous way with this TV  Commercial

2.       IDEA in 2014

Being always in the forefront  for spreading awareness about 3G and mobile internet services in India, Idea has come out with a series of campaigns to get connected to various events where people get fooled easily and carried away in emotional flurry leading to wrong decisions at times.

CampaignIdea Internet lagoing, India ka no ullu banoing’






Story Line: In India it is very easy to cheat and fool people in various situations (buying, travelling etc).Actions and words differs since most people talk more than their actions. A politician does the same in his speech by promising water and electricity connection in a village. With Idea 3G connection in mobile the youth brings forward his false claims and catches his wrong political intentions.

Idea feels that with the help of mobile internet it is now easy to catch such frauds.

Brand Proposition: Idea’s strong mobile internet service network

Brand urges people to switch from 2G to 3G by explaining the situational benefits of the 3G network on  mobile. It easily connects with a wide TG including Housewives, travelers, Youths, Elders  etc.

The Slogan “ULLU banaoing” has gelled very well with Indian audience as this phrase is very commonly used in India.


It is one of the thought provoking campaign beautifully created and communicated during election times :

Campaign : TATA TEA “JAAGO RE” .

It was an effort beautifully displayed toward the lackadaisical and apathetic interest of countrymen towards India against issues like corruption , Education, Child Rights, Global Warming, Voting, Human Rights, Women’s rights, Health, Civic Issues. The brand evoked a sense of getting waked up for such critical issues. The campaign strongly formed  a  cohesion with the brand usage and promise.

With Tata Tea it’s time to wake up

        ELECTION 2014 and Brand Marketing Campaigns

ELECTION 2014 and Brand Marketing Campaigns






Call to  action: Time to take a responsible action for the country


  • Thousands of volunteer participation on website (jaagore.com) on various projects (over 200)
  • It became a social change network where like  minded people can do something and volunteer a project
  • A well acclaimed campaign bagging many awards

It’s easy for the brands to join the bandwagon and momentum of election theme and get connected to social platforms and create a meaningful proposition favoring their brand but the key question is:

  1. Sustainability and scalability of the campaign
  2. Product promise and authenticity to stand on such social platforms
  3. Whether brand strengthens the connect with the audience on a long term basis or it is just trying to hitch and take a ephemeral mileage.

By Kumud Kandpal 


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